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Use A Google Business Listing To Create A Local Empire?

Google Business Listing

Google-Business-ListingWhat the heck is a Google business listing you say?

They’re called by many different names.  Google local listing, Google maps listing and Google My Business.

Regardless of what you call em, in this post I’ll share my Google business listings secrets to having you dominating the map section and hoggin’ up all the leads.

Sounds like a plan right?

In a nutshell, this is just local SEO marketing and if you wanna know more just read the post underlined in this sentence.

Pimpin’ out this local listing is one of the main drivers to getting fresh leads, phone calls and new customers.

Why is this important?  This story here shows people doing local searches are likely to visit a store, request a service and make a purchase within a day.


Optimizing your Google + Page

Google is a data hog.  So, in order for our pals at Google to show the most relevant business to a prospective customer we need to give Google the info it wants.

Most folks are straight up lazy and skimp out on this but not you.

If you found this article it means you wanna grow your business and crush your competition, so no slacking allowed!


Bear with me if you already have this setup, but stick around and I’m gonna show you some tweaks that’ll drive your competitors crazy, maybe even put em out of business cause you’ll be getting all the leads!

You can go set up your Google business listing here and you can walk through the set up with me. First click on the blue button that says Get On Google.

Step 1

It’ll ask you to “search by business name and address”  If Google has already aggregated your data, they will have your details in their database and you’ll just need to claim this listing.

Once you do this you’ll need to complete all the info Google is asking for such as:

  • About page
  • Hours of service
  • Photos
  • Website URL

On your about page, write a detailed description of your business using a minimum of 300 words.  Don’t half ass this as it’s the most crucial part IMO.  Work in keywords related to your specific industry.

The hours of service is self-explanatory.

This thing will allow you to upload tons of photos (I’m thinking it’s about 30) about your business and staff.  I don’t care if you have to run around your office with a selfie stick snapping pictures of everything. do it.

Here’s my Ninja marketing tip your competition doesn’t know about…

Google can’t physically “look” at these pictures so we’re gonna add a code before you up load them.

When you upload the pics to your computer they’ll have a funny name like this 16040202797_c7239a3203_b.jpg

wrong name 16040202797_c7239a3203_b.jpg
wrong name 16040202797_c7239a3203_b.jpg

but we’re gonna name it one of our keywords related to our business, like this  example below…


Correct way to name a photo Selfie-Stick


And that’s about it.

Add your website URL to the listing and make sure to add as many images of your business as possible to your Google business listing.

TIP:  DO NOT go back and edit anything on this page until you have received your postcard from Google which should arrive in under 7 days.







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