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Why SEO is SOOOO Sexy

If you read my about page, you’ll see that I spent several hundred Benjamins trying to figure out how to make money at home in my undies. Not because I’m lazy, but because I’m unemployable.   To be more specific, I absolutely hate working for someone else. I’ve always had the entrepreneur bug and I got it from a friend of mine that owns a limo company.


My buddy that runs the limo business could never keep a job for more than a few months.  When we were younger he was always scheming up ways to make a buck.  He’d work enough to save some cash and start a new venture, fail at it then go get another J-O-B (Just Over Broke).


A few years ago he made a valiant effort to keep a job for a minimum of one year with the hopes of starting yet another business.  He got back a pretty decent tax return and bought a 10 year old stretch limo with his tax check.  He’s grown a $5,500 investment into a multiple six figure income in under 7 years.

Super Sexy SEO

Like most business owners he struggled to get new customers when he first started out.  I’ll be honest, most business owners suck at marketing and he’ll admit he hadn’t a clue of how to market this new venture.  He set up the ugliest one page website, built by DEX and in 6 months it never ranked higher than page 11.  As you can imagine he never got a call from this debacle of a website.


Panic started to set in and he contemplated selling the limo.  With the few referrals he was getting he was only making 1 0r 2 runs per month and barely covering the cost of insurance and fuel.  Luckily a SEO guy found his crappy site and reached out to him and offered to help.  In a few days a new website was born. It was the best $500 he ever spent.  Within 90 days his site was smack dab in the middle of page one.  Leads were coming in at the rate of 5 per day.


Now here’s the good part…  My buddy was born to sell.  His closing ratio is pushing 20%.  Lets’ do the math on this.  150 calls per month at a closing ratio of 20%.  His average booking grosses $350.00 and he closes 30 of those for a gross profit of $10,500.  That’s a 20x return on his money!


You can see from his story how the power of search engine optimization can fuel an inferno of fresh leads to light up a small business.  I’m rather lucky myself. One night my buddy invited me some of his friends to a Charlotte Panthers game and we got to ride in one of his latest top of the line, luxury limousines.  On this trip I got to meet the owner of the web design company that took this fledgling limo business barely able to pay the insurance bill to a $450,000/yr. cashflow machine.


That guy is who taught me all the secrets on how to balloon business owners bank accounts by ranking them at the top of page 1.

So kick back, bookmark this page and take notes.  SEO sexiness is in session.


-Big Mike

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