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Local SEO Marketing: Crush Your Competition!

The Secret Sauce For Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO marketing, this super simple strategy will allow you to completely dominate your competitors and take over the top of the local maps listings as well as the organic search results.


This works for ANY type of local business and here’s why.  Small business owners like plumbers, electricians, attorneys etc. are busy practicing their craft.  They are focused on their one thing that they do best.


There’s 3 key areas we need to focus on when taking over a local market.  Keep in mind, the population size of the market dictates how much work you’ll need your SEO agency to do to get you to the top.


Let’s break down the 3 parts to local domination.


The 3 Part Secret Sauce To Local Domination

  • Optimizing Google maps
  • Creating authoritative content
  • Getting other websites to talk highly of you (back linking)

Optimizing Google Maps

If you can log in to your Gmail account, optimizing your Google My Business listing is by far one of the easiest strategies to implement.  This Google Maps Optimizationstep is crucial for potential customers finding you while searching on their mobile device.  In most locations only 3 businesses are displayed in the “Map Pack”  See my post HERE about how many people are using mobile while searching for local businesses.


If your Google + page is isn’t optimized then you’re business is hidden behind  the  “More places” button highlighted by the red arrow in the adjacent image.   This is a no mans land almost no buyer ever visits.


Local citations have the strongest impact on where you show up in the map pack.  Citations are you Name, Address and Phone #.   They must be consistent all across the web and can NEVER vary, not even in the tiniest bit.   If you spell out “Road” when completing your Google + listing you must never get lazy by spelling it out “Rd.”  Capeche?


Creating Authoritative Content

Local SEO SrategiesAfter working with many of these clients over the years I’ve discovered they always take shortcuts. Their lackadaisical behavior busts open the door of tremendous opportunity for business owners like you willing to invest in the future of their company.


One of the biggest blunders I see business owners make is hiring a company like Yellow Pages/DEX to build them a generic looking website with very little content.  A home page with less than 500 words just isn’t gonna cut the mustard these days.  Wanna rank near the top of page #1?  You need content, and lots of it.


Good ol Google has the one and only job of serving up the most relevant content to the end user.  1,000+ word home pages sprinkled with not just keywords but “buyer keywords”  is a must.  Using the bolded keyword in the first paragraph also helps Google to know what your page is about.


Spreading out the copy like on this blog will make it easy to read is another huge plus.  Your readers will be more engaged therefore your bounce rate will be lower.  The more time your customer spends on your page clicking through your links, the more Google sees your site as valuable and you’ll get a rankings boost.

Back Links, The Backbone of a Page 1 Ranking

We live in a review based society.  No one really gives two hoots regarding what you say about yourself.  So that 1,000 word home page told Google what your page is about, but what matters is what others say about you.   When other websites link bank to you, hence the term back link, the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo see these links as votes.   If another website likes your content or service enough to link to it, Google sees that as a vote of  trust.


Not all links are equal though.  Your friend copying your URL onto their Facebook page is not as powerful as one form Wikipedia might be. But Wikipedia is never gonna link to joe the plumbers website now are they?


Your content needs to be on point if you want others give you a back link.  Press releases and guest posting are the most common ways to get other authority sites to link back to you.  These are shit ton of work to set up and in my opinion they’re just not worth the effort.  My preferred method is build my own network of these other influential sites and talk about myself or the client I’m trying to rank.


I buy recently expired domains at auction that still have a lot of power, set up new content on them and link back to my sites.  This is the most efficient way to rank websites.  The new content is unique and benefits the web as a whole and powers my sites to the top of page 1 for the keywords I’m targeting.


So how much will SEO cost me you ask?  It depends on the level of competition in your market.  Expect to pay upwards of $2,000/month if you’re cosmetic dentist in a city of 500,000.  A plumber in market of 50,000 may get by with $400-$500/ month.  One thing for certain, if you follow my 3 step strategy your phone will ring off the hook with new leads.  In a nutshell, that’s how you dominate page 1.  Check out my other posts on local marketing strategies for more in depth content on how to crush it in your local market.


-Big Mike out



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