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Tonight We’re Gonna Market Like it’s 1999! Ahh, Nope!

How Not To Market In 2015


It’s infuriating and it happens to me every day now!!!


POP-UPS and ADS!!!


Exit Pop-Up


I bet it pisses you off too?  Right?  You submit to that click bait headline on Facebook only to be ensnared in some lame-o marketers 2010 fantasy world thinking he’s gonna make 10k per month on an Adsense site.


When it comes to pop-up ads Gary Vaynerchuk says it best, “Our iPhone screens are small, the X is even smaller, our thumbs, even bigger.   AHHHH!!!  Stop the madness!


I’m gonna harp on 3 things in this post.  Pop-up ads, Facebook and Local Marketing Strategies.  So keep reading yo!


Marketing In The Year We Live in

Marketers need to put the kai-bosch on forcing me to watch a crappy 30 second Volvo commercial when I’ve never even been to the website.  When I land on site and I can’t tell where in the HELL to click to get to the story I came for I’m straight up BOUNCE to the back button.  You feel me Frank?


For real yo!  On you won’t see any of that desperation of “maybe if I put an Adsense ad on every square inch of my website I’ll make some money”  No no my friends, you’ll see this website is all about giving enormous value to you, the consumer.  You have to give, give before you can get, get.


Marketers are asking you to “give”, first in the form of an ad before you “get” whatcha came for and that model is DYING!


Follow me here for a bit…

Marketers need to realize we have so many distractions in our life that time is our biggest asset.  Our self absorbed “me first” society has no time to be subjected to “your video will play after this 30 second commercial


Congrats, you did your job on the headline copy and got me to the page but damn bro, your homepage looks like a MLM Facebook spammer just hurled all over it.


Adsense here, Sponsored Content here and RevContent there.  P-lease stop. We’re bombarded with ads and it’s converting WAY less these days.  Look, it’s human nature when someone gives openly, the receiver of value feels compelled to give back.  So start giving more and like Gary V’s book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook you gotta give,give, give then ask for the sale.


Facebook Targeting, More Accurate Than Robin Hood?

I prospect a lot of small business owners these days that are advertising in local papers, radio and TV.  Hey, they’re a prime target because they’re already spending money, just not with me.  Not yet anyways ;-)


One of the first things I ask is how are you doing on social media?  I already know the answer cause I scoped out their page first and guess what I see? Nothing but tumbleweeds.


Business owners are all pissy now that organic reach has dropped off and Facebook has moved to paid reach.  Imagine that, having to pay to advertise! Seriously though, some of these sites have 1,000’s of likes and 3 or 4 likes and a big fat ZERO for comments.


Likely it’s cause Facebook suckered them into paying for 25 cent Likes and those people just don’t really care about you.  Facebook just served your “suggested page” up to whoever their algorithm said would click Like on your page.


Own an E-Commerce shop?

Here’s you opportunity to dominate the social media scene.  Facebook’s targeting is so accurate you can sell strollers to 32 year old mom to be that likes Honda CRV’s and has a strong tendency to overspend on her credit card with online purchases.


It get’s even better if you’re a “local” business as far as brand awareness goes.  If you just opened a new sushi restaurant you can make a few clicks and geo-target your city and Voila.  Your ad shows to everyone your budget will allow.  This sure beats the hell out of paying for a Yellow Pages ad or a $2,500 local radio remote.


Speaking of Yellow Pages.  Unless you’re like 80 years old or live in a shack somewhere in the hills of Kentucky have you even used a phone book in the last 7 years?  I mean the cost just to add your phone number in this archaic advertising directory is a down right rip-off!  If you’re paying for YP ads you must like throwing 100 $ bills off a tall bridge.  Good luck getting any calls from these.

Money Down The Drain


Think Mobile First For Local Marketing Strategies

It’s 2015 guys.  That means consumers are doing something like 60% of all searches are on a mobile device.  Your marketing efforts at a minimum should be focused on reaching the top of the Google/Bing maps listings.


Local Marketing Strategies


If you’re a phone driven business like a plumber, electrician or towing company you can pull some serious leads if you optimize your G+ listing.


Check back in a day or so as I dive deep into how to absolutely crush it with my local marketing strategies.


Peace out Penelope!


~Big Mike









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