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How Content is King and Without It You’re Just A Jester.

This past winter my wife and I went to the Outer Banks Marathon on a mini-vacation.

We rented this ridiculously large house that slept about 20 people and made a long weekend out of it. This is one of the best races we’ve ever been too. ┬áMaybe because we were with friends, maybe because we met new ones.

Follow along with me and I promise to touch on how this story relates to how content is King.

Now if you’ve ever been to a big Marathon race they usually have a big vendor show with big lots of big name brands but some of them are just mom and pops selling their running apparel and accessories. After browsing around the aisles of merchandise I met this couple Brenda and Earl Brundage that own

They sell this really neat magnetic pouch that replaces those Gram-ma looking running belts that a lot of people wear.

Now how does this relate to content?

The main driver of this couple’s business is selling their magnetic running pouches on Amazon through their Fulfillment By Amazon program for sellers AKA (FBA).

But they could do a helluva lot more in sales if they had more content on their Amazon listings.

So here’s what I recommended to them:

  • Create longer keyword rich titles for ALL of their listings
  • Add some of those keywords to their description
  • Update their average looking pictures to 3-D Renderings

Creating better title is gonna do a couple of things. It’s gonna tell the buyer what exactly it is that they’re looking at and more importantly, it tells Amazon’s search engine that when someone searches running pouch for iPhone 6 Plus that they should show The RooSport Plus.

Adding a lot of relevant keywords to a lengthy description and in the bullet points serves the same purpose without creating jumbled, hard to read description that resembles a 18 months old vocabulary.

As for as updating the images to 3D renderings goes, well the image a seller on Amazon uses sells the click to the listing and then the title and the description take over from there.

Add these strategies to your blog posts and other content and in time, more and more buyers will land on your blogs, product sites and content you publish.

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Talk soon.

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