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How Content is King and Without It You’re Just A Jester.

This past winter my wife and I went to the Outer Banks Marathon on a mini-vacation.

We rented this ridiculously large house that slept about 20 people and made a long weekend out of it. This is one of the best races we’ve ever been too.  Maybe because we were with friends, maybe because we met new ones.

Follow along with me and I promise to touch on how this story relates to how content is King.

Now if you’ve ever been to a big Marathon race they usually have a big vendor show with big lots of big name brands but some of them are just mom and pops selling their running apparel and accessories. After browsing around the aisles of merchandise I met this couple Brenda and Earl Brundage that own

They sell this really neat magnetic pouch that replaces those Gram-ma looking running belts that a lot of people wear.

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Why SEO is SOOOO Sexy

If you read my about page, you’ll see that I spent several hundred Benjamins trying to figure out how to make money at home in my undies. Not because I’m lazy, but because I’m unemployable.   To be more specific, I absolutely hate working for someone else. I’ve always had the entrepreneur bug and I got it from a friend of mine that owns a limo company.


My buddy that runs the limo business could never keep a job for more than a few months.  When we were younger he was always scheming up ways to make a buck.  He’d work enough to save some cash and start a new venture, fail at it then go get another J-O-B (Just Over Broke).


A few years ago he made a valiant effort to keep a job for a minimum of one year with the hopes of starting yet another business.  He got back a pretty decent tax return and bought a 10 year old stretch limo with his tax check.  He’s grown a $5,500 investment into a multiple six figure income in under 7 years.

Super Sexy SEO

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Local SEO Marketing: Crush Your Competition!

The Secret Sauce For Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO Marketing

Local SEO marketing, this super simple strategy will allow you to completely dominate your competitors and take over the top of the local maps listings as well as the organic search results.


This works for ANY type of local business and here’s why.  Small business owners like plumbers, electricians, attorneys etc. are busy practicing their craft.  They are focused on their one thing that they do best.


There’s 3 key areas we need to focus on when taking over a local market.  Keep in mind, the population size of the market dictates how much work you’ll need your SEO agency to do to get you to the top.


Let’s break down the 3 parts to local domination.


The 3 Part Secret Sauce To Local Domination

  • Optimizing Google maps
  • Creating authoritative content
  • Getting other websites to talk highly of you (back linking)

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Tonight We’re Gonna Market Like it’s 1999! Ahh, Nope!

How Not To Market In 2015


It’s infuriating and it happens to me every day now!!!


POP-UPS and ADS!!!


Exit Pop-Up


I bet it pisses you off too?  Right?  You submit to that click bait headline on Facebook only to be ensnared in some lame-o marketers 2010 fantasy world thinking he’s gonna make 10k per month on an Adsense site.


When it comes to pop-up ads Gary Vaynerchuk says it best, “Our iPhone screens are small, the X is even smaller, our thumbs, even bigger.   AHHHH!!!  Stop the madness!


I’m gonna harp on 3 things in this post.  Pop-up ads, Facebook and Local Marketing Strategies.  So keep reading yo!


Marketing In The Year We Live in

Marketers need to put the kai-bosch on forcing me to watch a crappy 30 second Volvo commercial when I’ve never even been to the website.  When I land on site and I can’t tell where in the HELL to click to get to the story I came for I’m straight up BOUNCE to the back button.  You feel me Frank?

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